Bulgarian PM urges soccer chief to resign after racism furore

Bulgaria's prime minister called on Tuesday for the president of the country's football union to resign following racist abuse and monkey chants from Bulgarian fans towards black England players during their Euro 2020 qualifier.

Racist abuse blights Bulgaria-England qualifier

Racist abuse cast a blight over a Euro 2020 qualifier between Bulgaria and England on Monday with the match in Sofia twice halted by the referee after monkey noises and chants from the crowd were aimed at black players from the visiting team.

A question of trust: British pollsters battle to call looming election

British pollsters have a big problem to solve as the country heads towards an election: Brexit has scrambled traditional political allegiances and they say it is harder than ever to know whether voters are telling them the truth.

Brexit deal 'more and more difficult' this week, EU summit to mull delay

The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator said on Tuesday that reaching a deal on Britain's departure from the bloc before the scheduled date of Oct. 31 had become "more and more difficult", and Finland's EU minister said leaders would discuss another delay.

British Brexit minister Barclay says a deal is still very possible

It is still "very possible" to reach a Brexit deal with the European Union, Britain's minister for the withdrawal from the EU Stephen Barclay said on Tuesday.

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