South Korea accuses Japan of 'lukewarm' stand on North Korea sanctions

Relations between U.S. allies South Korea and Japan deteriorated on Tuesday with South Korea questioning Japan's commitment to U.N. sanctions against North Korea, while a South Korean legal case looked set to aggravate old wartime animosity.

UK PM May: Keep talking to businesses as Brexit nears

Outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday told her top ministers to keep engaging with businesses over Brexit, and that firms expect her successor to keep up infrastructure investment and continue developing an industrial strategy.

Suspect confesses in murder of U.S. scientist, Greek police say

Greek police believe they have found the killer of an American biologist who was found murdered on the island of Crete on July 8, a source said on Tuesday.

Sierra Leone school defies state ban on pregnant girls in class

When Mariatu Sesay realized she was pregnant at 14, one thing scared her more than the social isolation she felt in the classroom: Sierra Leonean law banned her from attending school at all because she was expecting.

Top EU civil servant Selmayr to quit post: EU Commission

The European Commission's secretary general Martin Selmayr, whose sudden promotion last year angered EU lawmakers and earned a rebuke from the European Ombudsman, will step down from his post next week, a spokeswoman for the EU executive said on Tuesday.

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